About the Boy


Ronny, circa 1993


Ronny, circa 2014

Name: Ronny K.
DOB: 7/2/1987
 Height: 5'8 (with shoes)
 Fav. Color: Unknown
 Spirit Animal: Arboreal cat
 Pseudonym(s): B.E. Priest




Ronny became an avid reader at the age of 9, when–in order to research the construction of a lightsaber–he was forced to turn to books. Seventy-odd Star Wars novels later, he gave up on becoming a Jedi in favor of becoming a Writer.

In 2009, Ronny earned a BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute and has spent the subsequent years finishing his homework: a singular piece of fantastical long-fiction that pays homage to his influences and presents a classic story through a (relatively) original concept (read about it here).

In 2014–sensing that his emergence was near at hand–Ronny began to blog.


Feel free to hit Ronny up by email, twitter, or the comments below. He’d love to hear from you–about anything. Please. He’s begging you.


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